With tax reform in the news, now would be a good time for Democratic candidate Jennifer Wexton to clarify her stance on taxes. Earlier this week the candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District claimed“I’m not looking to increase taxes at this time or any time, really.” 

Really? A quick google search of Wexton’s record reveals she has fallen in line with the Democrat Party’s tax-and-spend motto:

  • In 2013, Wexton supported the Transportation Bill that created $1.25 billion per year in new taxes in Virginia. That’s the largest tax increase in the HISTORY of Virginia.

“When it comes to taxes, Jennifer Wexton fails to reflect the views and values of Virginians. While she now claims to oppose tax hikes, Wexton’s record shows she not only supported higher taxes on Virginia families, but the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia.” – Courtney Alexander, CLF spokeswoman


In 2013, Wexton Supported The Largest Tax Hike In Virginia’s History

In A Questionnaire From The Loudoun County Chamber Of Commerce, Wexton Said That She Supported H.B.2313, The 2013 Transportation Bill That Provided New State, Local, And Regional Transportation Funding.  “2) Did you support H.B. 2313, the transportation legislation that passed during the 2013 legislative session, which provides significant new state, regional and local transportation funding? Yes or No? Please provide the rationale for your support or opposition to this legislation and if you oppose it, what alternatives would you suggest? Chamber Position: Yes, The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce supported HB 2313. JENNIFER WEXTON (D): While H.B. 2313 is not perfect, I support it. It creates sustainable sources of funding allowing the Commonwealth, and especially NOVA and other congested areas, to tackle transportation infrastructure limitations that have been deferred for too long. It will also allow NOVA greater control in directing local revenues to local projects. However, we still need transportation solutions incorporating both road expansion and increased public transportation to ensure our infrastructure can sustain and foster continued growth.” (“Biz Votes Questionnaire Results – 33rd Senate District Jennifer Wexton (D) / John Whitbeck (R) / Joe May (I),” Loudoun County Chamber Of Commerce, Accessed 5/10/17)   

The Bill Was Projected To Create $680 Million In New Statewide Tax Revenue And $568 Million In New Revenue From Just Northern Virginia And Hampton Roads When Fully Enacted In 2018. “The package would generate $880 million a year in new state revenues in 2018 when it is fully phased in, according to a report by the House Appropriations Committee. About $680 million of that sum would come from tax increases. … In addition, Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads would be empowered to impose a 0.7 percent local sales tax and other regional levies that could raise a total of $568 million a year for transportation by 2018.” (Sean Gorman, “Jamie Radtke Says Transportation Bill Would Impose ‘Largest Tax Increase In Virginia History,’” PolitiFact, 3/15/13)