Kim Schrier 🤝 Anti-Police Groups

Kim Schrier wants voters to think she stands with law enforcement, but her campaign is funded by radical anti-law enforcement groups.

According to a new report, “Kim Schrier has taken nearly $40,000 from groups that support efforts to defund law enforcement, with some of the groups endorsing her candidacy in the race.”

This comes after reports that Amazon was forced to relocate employees from their downtown Seattle office and Starbucks closed *five* stores over high crime rates – not to mention complaints that police are “not picking up the phone in many instances” because of the City Council’s law enforcement budget cuts that have been a “disaster.”

“Kim Schrier is in the pocket of radical anti-law enforcement groups that are making Washington more dangerous by the day,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Schrier has put jobs, families, and communities at risk and voters won’t soon forget.”