Kendra Horn lied to her constituents

It only took a month for Kendra Horn to turn into a double-speaking, D.C. politician.

At her very first town hall over the weekend, Horn disingenuously dodged tough questions about holding the paychecks of federal workers hostage during the shutdown –

Horn’s false claim didn’t go unnoticed –

As The Hill reported, “The House rejected a GOP measure to pay furloughed workers…”

This isn’t the first time Horn has misled constituents. In 2018, she was pressed  on her possible support for Pelosi. Her response? “I think one of the messages that this election cycle and one of the things that I’ve always believed is that we need right now new direction and new leadership.” Less than a month later she voted to make Pelosi speaker….

Kendra Horn may have fooled voters once, but she won’t get away with fooling them twice.