It’s Déjà vu

House Dems never learn. With Joe Biden set to unveil a “raft of climate and environmental moves” today, it’s clear Democrats are going all-in on the same disastrous policies that nearly cost themselves the House in the first place.

As vulnerable oil and gas district Democrats like Conor Lamb, Matt Cartwright, Colin Allred, Lizzie Fletcher and Vicente Gonzales continue running point for their party’s disastrous woke environmental agenda, here’s a reminder of how devastating the decision to destroy oil and gas jobs was to Democratic jobs in Congress last cycle:



“It’s déjà vu all over again: House Democrats are putting the left’s woke environmental agenda ahead of protecting good-paying jobs for their constituents, even in the middle of a devastating economic crisis,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Families are struggling to get by and Democrats are waging all-out war on the oil and gas jobs keeping their constituents afloat.”