It Begins: Vulnerable Democrats Catch Heat Back Home

How bad is it getting for vulnerable House Democrats back home? The NYT spotlighted several Democratic freshmen who are already being forced to answer for the most extreme elements of their party during town halls last week.

Ben McAdams had to answer for “socialism,” “anti-Semitism,” and the radical Green New Deal.

Haley Stevens had to answer for fellow Michigander Rashida Tlaib’s “bigotry” and “negative attitude.”

Abigail Spanberger had to answer for Dems becoming the party of “death and taxes.”

Andy Kim had to answer for his party’s “uptick of negative rhetoric.”

Reminder: it’s only February.

“Vulnerable House Democrats are already having to answer for the most extreme elements of a newly radicalized Democratic Party. As the Democratic presidential primary gets fully underway, voters will be able to see just how extreme the party has become and reject Democrats up and down the ticket in 2020,” said Zach Hunter, Congressional Leadership Fund VP.