Is Nancy feeling ok?

Is Nancy Pelosi feeling ok? If you didn’t catch the Democratic leader’s latest antics, she (very boldly) told the Washington Post  this morning that she “guarantees” Democrats will have all their competitive races won by this November – a full year before voters will go to the polls.

Regardless of your own persuasions, you have to admit… it’s pretty audacious for Pelosi to publicly guarantee her party’s success at the ballot box when she can’t even guarantee her grip on her own caucus. Just look the “gifts” her out-of-control caucus has given Republicans in just the past three months:

  • A widely mocked “Green New Deal” that would cost every American household $600,000, require rebuilding or retrofitting every single building in America, ban almost every car in existence, and eliminate travel by airplane.
  • A plan to raise individual income taxes as high as 70%.
  • A single-payer health care scheme that that would kick 180 million Americans off their current health insurance (which they know and like) in favor of untested government-run health care.
  • And being forced to stand by hateful, anti-Semitic rhetoric from her members like Rep. Ilhan Omar.

All that sounds like a winning strategy, for sure. 🙄

“The only thing more delusional than Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous promises is the avalanche of reckless and out-of-touch ideas coming from the members of her caucus,” said Congressional Leadership Fund Spokesman Calvin Moore. “As long the Democrats keep pushing their plans to kick Americans off their private health insurance and blowing $93 trillion on a pie-in-the-sky ‘Green New Deal,’ there’s only one thing we are afraid of: getting in their way.”