“Impeachment doesn’t help a person who is struggling”

Bad news for vulnerable House Democrats like Elissa Slotkin and Haley Stevens: voters are sick and tired that impeachment has distracted from the issues that really matter to folks back home.

Reuters spent some time with voters in Detroit for a new piece today… and voters are not happy with it.

  • “You’ve got elderly who need help. You’ve got veterans who need help. You’ve got poor people who need help. Impeachment doesn’t really help a person who is struggling.”
  • [We can’t just] “close up the barber shop and say: ‘Let’s just sit and hold hands and watch and see if Trump is going or not?’ … We don’t live in that type of tax bracket.”
  • “There’s a sense of frustration. You’re doing all this and it’s not going to change anything.”
  • “[Impeachment] mainly only comes up after we’re done talking about everything else. It’s just in the background.”
  • “A bunch of the stuff they (Democrats) have is based on hearsay, which doesn’t stand up in court. Speculation doesn’t stand up either”

Click here to read Reuters’ full dispatch.