If Dan McChina’s lips are moving…

Dan McCready *still* won’t tell the truth about his record. Yesterday, McCready stopped in for an interview with the local “R&D in the QC” podcast and spun himself into overdrive, trying cover his tracks on sending jobs to China and meeting with Chuck Schumer about running for the Senate.

McCready told the local podcast“I’m proud to have built a company here with another Marine [that] helped build out 36 solar farms all across North Carolina, that put 700 North Carolinians to work in good paying jobs.”

Which is totally bizarre, given McCready earlier said his company “does not build solar farms” and multiple news outlets have now reported his company sent jobs to China.

Adding insult to injury, McCready tried to cover up his attempt to get a soft-landing spot in the Senate if he loses, saying that that running for office “is not a career for me,” just days after he secretly met with Chuck Schumer about running for the Senate.

Word to the wise: if Dan McCready’s mouth is moving, all signs says he probably isn’t telling the truth.

CLF COMMENT: “Dan McCready needs to stop trying to cover his tracks on sending jobs to China and jockeying for plush seat in the Senate, and just admit that the only person Dan McCready is looking out for is himself,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore.