ICYMI: Tony Vargas Has A Violent Streak

A recent, eye-opening report uncovered that Tony Vargas was accused of assaulting an Omaha taxi driver over a payment dispute.

Vargas reportedly “jumped from the back seat of the van into the front seat,” his “left leg hit [the driver] in the head,” and he “grabbed [the driver] by the shirt collar.”

And this isn’t the only time the New Yorker has proven he’s not exactly Nebraska nice…

Vargas joined a violent mob in Omaha that vandalized businesses and attacked police officers in 2020 then proceeded to bash the police and blame them for the violence.

“Tony Vargas’ behavior is shameful and not representative of Nebraska values,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Voters will send radical Tony Vargas and his violent temper packing a second time this November.”