ICYMI: Fox News Reports Danny O’Connor “Inflated” Work Experience & Made “Misleading Claims”

In case you missed it, Fox News is out with a damning report that Danny O’Connor “inflated” his previous work experience with the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office and has made “misleading claims.”

Per Fox News:

“A Democratic congressional hopeful in Ohio’s special election has made misleading claims about his experience working in a county prosecutor’s office, with public records revealing he was mostly a seasonal certified legal intern or intern supervisor.

“Danny O’Connor, Franklin County’s Recorder since 2016 who’s now running for U.S. Congress in Ohio’s 12th district against Republican Ohio State Sen. Troy Balderson, has made his work in the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office a central point of his campaign to win a seat in a deep-red district that hasn’t elected a Democrat since 1980.

“On the campaign trail, he continued to brag about his work at the prosecutor’s office during a debate in March. ‘When I worked in the prosecutor’s office, we dealt with expungements all the time of folks who got involved in some stuff when they were in high school, got in trouble, your whole life shouldn’t be ruined because of some decisions that you made when you were younger,’ he said.

“But public records reveal that O’Connor is loose with the facts when it comes to his past work experience. According to the Franklin County Auditor’s Office and its payroll data, at the prosecutor’s office he held titles such as ‘Prosecutor Legal Intern Supervisor’ and ‘Prosecutor Legal Intern Certified.’

“They weren’t long-term positions and the employment dates resemble seasonal jobs, despite O’Connor’s suggestions that he worked there for three straight years.”

Read the article here.