hyp·o·crite: a person who indulges in hypocrisy

For weeks, Conor Lamb and his campaign have been outspoken about his dislike for lobbyists and their political influence.

For example, as recently as January 26, 2018, the campaign released an email stating:

“We don’t need another politician who will take orders straight from lobbyists, Paul Ryan, or Donald Trump — we need a public servant like Conor Lamb who will represent the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania.” (Conor Lamb For Congress, Email From Abby Murphy, 1/26/18)

Yet today, just four days after that email, Conor Lamb is set to host a fundraiser with… wait for it… LOBBYISTS!

That’s right, liberal Conor Lamb is set to host a fundraiser with his pals: Nello Giorgetti, David Ehrenwerth and many more.

If this isn’t the definition of hypocrisy, then what is?

“It’s unclear how voters can ever trust anything liberal Conor Lamb says. One day he is attacking lobbyists, the next he is asking them to help him raise money. Pennsylvanians deserve better.” – Michael Byerly, spokesperson for the Congressional Leadership Fund.