House Dems vote to protect tax cheats like TJ Cox

House Democrats want to raise your taxes, but don’t think they should have to disclose whether they’ve actually paid their own.

Moments ago, House Democrats voted to block a measure which would require Members of Congress (like Congressman TJ Cox who owes the IRS $145,000) to disclose if they have delinquent tax liabilities and whether they’ve had their wages garnished to pay back what they owe.

No surprise: famed tax cheat Congressman TJ Cox was among those who voted against the requirement to disclose his tax debt. TJ Cox can rest another day knowing his socialist House friends will always have his back!

“House Democrats should be ashamed of carrying water for a tax cheat like Congressman TJ Cox,” said Congressional Leadership Fund Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Joe Biden and vulnerable House Democrats want to raise your taxes a minimum $4 trillion, but don’t think they should have to tell the American public whether they’ve even paid their own. Its’s shameful and why TJ Cox and his socialist friends will lose their seats in November.”