Hope your weekend was better than TJs!

Here’s to hoping you had a better weekend than Congressman T.J. Cox, who found himself embroiled in (yet another) front page scandal over his shady and discriminatory business dealings.

Let’s count the ways dodgy T.J. has landed himself in hot water – in just the last few weeks alone:

  1. Discriminating against disabled children. T.J.’s company was sued over the weekend for discriminating against a 16-year-old amputee and 7-year-old with cerebral palsy. The lawsuit alleges gross violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and California’s Civil Rights Act. Read more here
  2. Failing to disclose his foreign business interests. A Fresno Bee investigation found T.J. Cox failed to disclose his ties to five businesses, including his ties to a Canadian mining company. I’ll say it louder for the folks in the back: what is T.J. trying to hide? Read more here.
  3. Allowing his sketchy nonprofit to become delinquent. The California Attorney General said T.J.’s nonprofit “may not operate or solicit donations in California” after it failed to make filings required under law. Read more here.
  4. Audit: shady bookkeeping at Congressman Cox’s foundation. A city audit raised “with serious questions into a number of the organization’s financial practices. Read more here.

CLF Comment: “What else is Congressman Cox trying to hide?” said Congressional Leadership Fund spokesman Calvin Moore. “Rather than continuing to embarrass himself in another series of front-page press on his shady business dealings, he should consider just packing up his office and saving the voters some trouble next November.”