Headlines Pile Up, But DCCC Still Silent

Jay Chen continues to rack up bad headlines about his appalling, racist attacks on Congresswoman Michelle Steel, but the DCCC has still been precariously silent on the matter.

The DCCC previously said, “Racism has no place in the halls of Congress. Full stop.” So when is the DCCC going to disavow Jay Chen for his remarks?

In case they’re waiting, it doesn’t look like the bad headlines are going away anytime soon!

  • National ReviewDemocratic Challenger Mocks Congresswoman Michelle Steel’s Accent
  • Fox NewsCalifornia Dem candidate appears to mock Rep. Steel’s accent: ‘You kind of need an interpreter’
  • Free BeaconVIDEO: Democrat Mocks Asian Congresswoman’s Accent
  • Washington Examiner: Democrat mocks Korean American congresswoman’s accent, makes misogynist comments
  • BreitbartCCP-Linked California Democrat Condemned for ‘Racist’ Comments Toward Republican Rep. Michelle Steel’s Accent
  • Washington Times: Democratic House candidate mocks GOP’s Michelle Steel for accent
  • Daily Mail: California Democrat accused of racism for saying ‘you need an interpreter’ to figure out what Korean-American GOP Rep. Michelle Steel is saying during his campaign before the midterm