Greedy McCready puts himself first

SHOT: Greedy Dan McCready stopped by Scotland County yesterday where he yammered on about how, “We need to get people to Washington who will put their country over their own agendas.”

CHASER: In business, Greedy McCready only ever put himself and his own agenda first. Even when it meant lobbying for plush mandates that funneled millions to his company (while sacking thousands of North Carolina jobs and raising electric bills). And even when it meant outsourcing good American manufacturing jobs to China.

Dan McCready was always Dan McCready’s #1.

QUOTE: “The only person Greedy Dan McCready has ever looked out for is himself and his own bottom line,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Dan McCready should be ashamed of himself for selling out North Carolina jobs and lobbying to saddle middle class families with higher energy bills, just so he could make himself even richer.”