Greedy McCready is at it, again!

Greedy Dan McCready is always finding ways to make the system work… for himself. Yesterday, Washington Examiner exposed how he and his wife used special tax loopholes (you know, the kind he’s always complaining about on the campaign trail) to put more than $50,000 back into their pockets.

It’s Dan McCready’s personal mantra: McCready first, North Carolina last. But it’s not the first time. Let’s count the ways McCready has put himself first while giving North Carolinians a raw deal.

  • McCready invested heavily in a company that outsourced good-paying jobs to China. He even included their company in his campaign commercials!
  • McCready’s special interest group lobbied for sweetheart deals that directed huge sums from North Carolina ratepayers, to companies like his.
  • McCready engaged in shady land deals with someone who just happened to start cutting big checks to his campaign.
  • McCready and his wife used special loopholes to put more than $50,000 taxpayer dollars in their own pockets.
  • And worse? He’s refusing to answer questions about any of it!

North Carolina voters know the truth about Greedy Dan McCready–at the end of the day, all he cares about is himself.