Golden Tries to Make Mainers Forget His Longtime Support for Joe Biden

Vulnerable House Democrats are desperately trying to distance themselves from Biden’s sinking campaign, but none more than Jared Golden, who yesterday penned an op-ed saying, “Donald Trump is going to win. And I’m OK with that.”

This is quite the 180 from Golden, considering he voted in 2021 to impeach President Trumpsaying Trump should be “disqualif[ied] from holding future public office.”

Golden – who represents a district Trump won in 2020 and will certainly win again in 2024 – is doing some remarkable election year pandering, as Biden continues nosediving in battleground polls.

But Golden won’t be able to make voters forget he’s been cozying up to Joe Biden and backing Biden’s harmful agenda.

“Does Jared Golden really think he can make Mainers forget his longtime support for Joe Biden? Only now, after the polls are turning decidedly against Joe Biden after his disastrous debate performance is Golden desperately trying to cover up his ties to Biden. Yet, he still won’t answer whether he supports Biden or if he believes Biden has the mental acuity to run for reelection,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole.