Golden caves, backs the far-left on impeachment

Jared Golden just couldn’t keep up the charade anymore and moments ago finally admitted the truth: he backs the far-left’s quest to impeach President Trump, saying on impeachment that “things are moving along exactly as they should be and I support the Speaker in the current process.”

And odd about-face given his office literally sends out press releases trying to brag about how often he votes with Trump.

Guess all that work to pretend like he’s working across the aisle is down the tubes now that he’s standing with the radical left and their attempts to remove the President who won his district by 10 points from office…

What a shame!

“Congressman Jared Golden just made it clear he has no intention at all of working across the aisle like he promised on the campaign trail and instead wants to waste a year fishing for any reason to remove President Trump from office,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “From backing the radical left’s government-run health care scheme to coming out for impeaching the President, one thing is clear: Jared Golden always has the far-left’s back over his constituents.”