Focus Groups, Not Facts: Dems AGAIN Admit Impeachment is All Politics

Evidence keeps stacking up that the Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Trump are nothing more than a politically-motivated sham, designed solely to undermine the 2020 election.

According to The Washington Post, the Democrats have decided to abandon their central accusation that Trump committed a “quid pro quo,” and are now accusing him of “bribery” because – wait for it – their campaign arm says that accusation polls a little better for them in key battlegrounds.

If impeachment truly wasn’t about politics, why would the Democrats totally change their core accusation against President Trump based what a focus group has to say?

I guess Rep. Al Green and AOC were right – impeachment is just about stopping Trump from getting re-elected. Nothing more.

“The Democrats couldn’t care less about the facts: their impeachment charade is just a dog and pony show to try and bend the 2020 elections in their favor by damaging President Trump,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “In our Democracy though, voters should be able to decide the next election for themselves, without Nancy Pelosi and AOC trying to use their power to remove the President just because they’re afraid they can’t beat him. Voters back home see right through the Democrats’ games and will make vulnerable Democrats who backed this farce pay for it next November.”