Eugene Vindman (a Non-Virginian) Is Wrong for Virginia

In case you missed it, Democrat Eugene Vindman posed with a Civil War-era Virginia flag.

Now, Vindman is blaming his mistake on Virginia, saying the Commonwealth’s flag “too closely resembles the civil war version,” and is demanding Virginia change their historic flag.

Instead of using this pathetic excuse, perhaps he should just acknowledge his “screw up” represents his shallow ties to Virginia.

And state Democrats are not happy – slamming Vindman for wanting to change the state flag and calling him an “out of state grifter candidate.”

It’s easy to see why (despite touting a strong grassroots effort) he only received four donations from within the district he’s actually running in.

One thing is certain: Eugene Vindman doesn’t understand Virginians or the district he’s running to represent.

“Eugene Vindman is running in a district that doesn’t know or want him, and instead of taking the hint and packing it up, he’s now going after Virginia’s history and legacy. Does Eugene Vindman even like Virginia?” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole.