Ethics Watchdog Calls For Investigation Into Elaine Luria

An independent ethics watchdog is calling for an investigation into Elaine Luria, after reports surfaced that the Congresswoman broke House Ethics rules by withholding information from her required personal financial disclosures.

According to the complaint, “Luria failed to disclose her position as an officer and director of a corporation,” when she omitted holding a position as President of the Tidewater Montessori High School from 2015-2019, amounting to “an egregious lack of transparency that erodes public trust and leaves citizens unaware of potential conflicts of interest.”

Read the full report here and the original complaint here.

“If Elaine Luria can’t be trusted to be fully transparent with voters about something this simple, then you have to ask, what else is she hiding?” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Luria clearly believes the rules don’t apply to her and needs to be held accountable for it.”