Ethics Complaint Filed Against TJ Cox Over Tax Liens

Sleazy tax cheat TJ Cox just can’t catch a break!

After bombshell reports showing that Sleazy TJ dodged both state and federal taxes, Cox is now being knocked by the non-partisan ethics watchdog Americans for Public Trust for in a new complaint filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

The group calls out TJ Cox for having “violated public trust and fail[ing] to maintain the integrity of Congress through personal and business financial mismanagements,” and asserts TJ’s actions “demonstrate a clear violation of House rules.”

“TJ Cox should to pay his own taxes before trying to raise them on hard-working Californians,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Not only is TJ Cox’s refusal to pay hundreds of thousands in taxes he owes as sleazy as it gets, it’s also clearly a violation of House ethics per independent ethics watchdogs. Californians deserve better than TJ Cox and it’s why they’re going to vote him out in the fall.”