Engel’s Silence Is Deafening

An antisemitic mob set up an encampment on the University of Arizona’s campus – where Kirsten Engel is an active professor – and only disbanded after multiple warnings from police.

But Kirsten Engel had absolutely nothing to say about it.

Nor has she condemned the antisemitic encampments at her alma maters Northwestern or Brown Universities or any of the other campuses across the country, which are overrun by protestors physically attacking and threatening Jewish students.

Democrat activist Kirsten Engel promised to stand against antisemitism, but where is she now?

“Kirsten Engel’s silence is deafening,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Antisemitic mobs set up shop at the college where she teaches AND at both her alma maters, but she didn’t have the backbone to speak out and condemn this blatant antisemitism. She should be ashamed.”