Down to Double Digits

99 days out until the midterms and Americans are ready for a course correction after two years of failed Democrat control.

For those keeping track, here’s what Democrats have delivered over the past 19 months…

  • OUT OF CONTROL INFLATION: Inflation rose 9.1% in June, even more than expected, as consumer pressures intensify
  • A NEW RECESSION: US economy shrank at a 0.9% rate from April through June, 2nd straight quarterly contraction.
  • RECORD GAS PRICES: Gas prices jump to fresh record highs
  • BABY FOOD SHORTAGE: Nearly one-third of baby formula brands out of stock
  • BORDER CRISIS: Over 500,000 immigrant ‘gotaways’ at US border may be roaming the country: report
  • SOARING CRIME: Americans are more worried about crime than at any other time this century
  • WEAK NATIONAL SECURITY: Biden’s Afghanistan debacle will cast a long shadow over transatlantic security

And now they want to add:

“Joe Biden and House Democrats have delivered nothing but a wrecked economy, soaring crime and one crisis after the next,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “In 100 days, Americans will have the chance to reverse course and send new leadership to Washington.”