DMP *still* silent on question of Biden’s sexual assault allegations

Just before the weekend, Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell proudly posted a photo on Twitter calling for us to “End Workplace Harassment.”

But when The Floridian asked her for the second time in a month to comment on the credible workplace sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden, she blew them off *once again* and refused to comment.

Remember: Mucarsel-Powell has a long history of defending the #MeToo movement (but apparently only when it helps Democrats). Talk about a total whirlwind from when she posted

“Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell’s continuing silence on the credible sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden shows her utter lack of courage, and makes it clear that she’s a total phony,” said CLF Spokesman Will Reinert. “Debbie Mucarsel-Powell jumped at the chance to speak out on the #MeToo movement when it helped Democrats, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, she’s all too happy to turn a blind eye to help Joe Biden.”