Devastating and Preventable: When Will Biden & Dems Secure the Border?

Americans are rightfully growing more concerned about our country’s illegal immigration crisis, as we continue to see undocumented immigrants allegedly commit abhorrent, violent crimes across the country.

Devastating story: A two-year-old boy murdered.

After devastating story: A Georgia nursing student murdered in broad daylight.

After devastating story: A 14-year-old girl raped at knifepoint.

Each of these atrocities could have been prevented.

Instead, the Biden administration denied there was even a problem and intentionally undermined our border security at least 64 times, while House Democrats’ unilaterally rejected commonsense, popular legislation to secure the border.

What will it take for Biden and his party to put a stop to this catastrophe?

“Each of these stories are both devastating and preventable,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “Americans are crying out for a solution to this illegal immigration crisis, but they continue falling on deaf ears of President Biden and the radical left. Enough is enough. It’s high time to secure the border and put a stop to this illegal immigration crisis.”