Denver to Defund City’s Agencies to Afford Caraveo & Dems’ Migrant Crisis

Thanks to the consequences of Democrats’ disastrous open-border policies, Denver Mayor Johnston is now calling on the city’s agencies to cut spending to pay for the migrants flooding in daily.

We’ve seen this same song and dance in NYC, where Democrat Mayor Adams defunded police and emergency response services, schools, and sanitation to fund their migrant crisis.

Now, Denver is on track to do the same, having already spent over $38 million and anticipating an additional $180 million this year.

Anti-border security advocate Yadira Caraveo can’t be trusted to help get Democrats’ border crisis under control in Colorado:

  1. Remember, Caraveo called on President Biden to ​​“divest from immigration enforcement agencies like ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and CBP [Customs and Border Protection].” 
  2. She supported legislation that blocks ICE agents from “carrying out immigration enforcement” in Colorado.
  3. And she voted in Congress against securing our border.

“Time and time again, Yadira Caraveo has openly advocated against much-needed border security funding and legislation. Now, Coloradans are literally paying the price.” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole.