Dems sound the alarm on spending

Democrats are in an outright panic this morning, realizing that perhaps economy crushing tax increases for a multi-trillion socialist grab bag might not be the best play after all.


Several Democratic strategists sounded off in The Hill this morning. Just look at these quotes *from Democrats* today:


  • “I can see the ads now… spending $6 trillion doesn’t make political sense.”
  • “Democrats are like kids being given the keys to the candy store right now. We have all this candy, and we’ll worry about the stomach ache later.”
  • “I’m struggling with what their end game is. They may be thinking, ‘We’re going to lose the midterms anyway.’ ”
  • Democrats “are worried the spending plans could create easy targets for the GOP, and question whether Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot in terms of holding their slim majorities next year.”
  • “I’m not sure this has been thought through and effectively communicated.”
  • “Biden has made himself the poster child of tax and spend liberals. And when people sit down and realize what’s going on, there’s going to be a real problem.”


“Democrats are right to be panicked. With families and small businesses recovering, the very last thing they need is economy crushing tax hikes or trillions for socialist wish list items that have nothing to do with roads and bridges,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “No wonder liberal strategists are already sweating that Pelosi’s proposals could cost them their Majority.”