Dems’ impeachment hangover worsens

Vulnerable Democrats’ nasty hangover worsens today as members continue waking up to the reality that impeachment may not have been their greatest idea after all.

Don’t take my word for it though. Look at these A+ quotes from House Democrats today after realizing the extent of the electoral nightmare they’ve created for themselves.

  • “I think we’ve set it up to be a no-win situation for frontliners, and it probably only becomes more of a no-win situation as we move forward,” one freshman Democrat said to the Washington Post. “I think we premised an impeachment inquiry on facts that we don’t know yet — on third-hand information, and this is what I think we’ve done poorly all along: We set expectations so high, and those expectations are never met.”
  • “A lot of people in my district don’t love the idea of impeachment. I’ve certainly been hearing from them,” Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin told The Hill.
  • “This is going to suck all the oxygen out of the room… I am concerned that it will, in some way, take us away from the real business at hand, which are pocketbook issues for the people of our districts. You really are opening Pandora’s Box,” Congressman Van Drew said yesterday.
  • “It’s not a topic that comes up often except by activists, and that alarms me. The American people are not living and breathing national news cycles. I worry very much this will take a lot of Americans by surprise,” said Congressman Kurt Schrader.
  • “If I serve one term, and do it with honor and principle, and lose because of that, so be it,” said Congressman Dean Phillips, attempting to make peace with hastily sealing his own fate.

Democrats are still so obsessed with trying to undo the 2016 elections that they rushed to back impeachment without considering the consequences of their actions the or wishes of their constituents back home,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Unfortunately, voters aren’t going to be very receptive to the Democrats’ blatant attempts to tear the country apart over their hatred for a President they disagree with.”