Dems’ Illegal Immigration Crime Wave Hits PA Communities

Democrats’ illegal immigration crime wave is sweeping the nation and is now taking hold in Pennsylvania.  

At least three illegal immigrant gangs have committed a string of retail thefts in the past month, stealing thousands in merchandise from Pennsylvania businesses. 

This is a scene that’s becoming all too familiar – as similar illegal immigrant gangs set up shop in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, as well as New York City. 

Pennsylvanians wondering how this could’ve happened to their community should look no further than Chris Deluzio, who voted against securing the border TWICE, and just this week voted against impeaching Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security for his dereliction of duty to secure our border.

“Chris Deluzio has consistently rejected securing our southern border and putting a stop to this illegal immigration crisis again and again,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Now, Pennsylvanians are being forced to deal with the consequences of his and his party’s open-borders agenda, and they will hold him accountable come November.”