Dems admit: HR1 is about power

House and Senate Democrats just made a damning admission: H.R. 1 is a power grab. Plain and simple.

POLITICO reports, Democrats are handwringing that failure to pass H.R. 1, will allow voters to end their Majorities. From this *deeply* incriminating paragraph in POLITICO’s piece this morning:

“What’s at stake is not only the party’s promise on a key issue, but also potentially the future Democratic majorities. Many in the party privately worry that frontline Democrats, like Warnock or House Democrats vulnerable to redistricting, could lose their seats if Congress doesn’t send a federal election and ethics bill to President Joe Biden’s desk by this summer.”

In other words, H.R. 1 was never about protecting “voting rights.” It was about protecting Democratic incumbents and their majorities before a devastating midterm. At least they’re finally coming clean about it?