Democrats shrank the economy

Per new numbers this morning, the US economy shrank faster than expected, shrinking 1.6% in the first quarter, a figure that “adds to fears that a recession may be looming.”

But don’t ask House Democrats about it. According to them, the economy is doing great and their policies are why:

  • Jahana Hayes: “Democrats single-handedly saved the economy.”
  • Greg Stanton: “Our economy is roaring back to life.”
  • Tom Malinowski: “The economy is back.”
  • Dan Kildee: “Because of the American Rescue Plan we are seeing the fastest economic growth rate.”
  • Angie Craig: “The economy is headed in the right direction.”

Can Democrats get any more out of touch?

“Democrats’ disastrous policies are driving the economy into the gutter, and they’re so out of touch with working families that they can’t even admit it.” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Families are struggling and have only House Democrats to blame for it.”