Democrats’ Nightmare Economy

The economy is in free fall, and 39 days from Election Day, the devastation Americans are feeling has no sign of improving. Headlines this week show the bleak outlook American families are facing after 2 years of Democrats’ total control of Washington:

  • BEAR MARKET: The Dow is in a bear market.
  • RECESSION: Final GDP reading shows US economy shrank 0.6% in the spring, cementing start of recession
  • INFLATION: Inflation has yet to peak, CFOs say, and recession is already here or soon to hit
  • WAGES DOWN: 71% Of Americans Say Pay Can’t Keep Up With Inflation
  • STOCK MARKET CRASH: Dow hits lowest point since 2020 as recession fears grow
  • AMERICANS WORRIED: 77% of Americans are anxious about their financial situation
  • GAS PRICES RISING: Gas Prices Rise For 7 Straight Days—Here’s Where It’s Most Expensive
  • INTEREST RATES SOARING: U.S. mortgage interest rates jump to 6.52%, highest since mid-2008
  • DEBT INCREASING: More Americans racking up credit card debt as inflation rages 

“Joe Biden and Democrats’ economy is a nightmare for every American,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Democrats drove the economy into the ground and now every family is paying the price.”