Democrats admit it: leftward lurch puts House majority at risk

Vulnerable Democrats, and their campaign strategists, are in outright panic that their party’s sprint to left is totally nuking their chances at keeping the House majority.


McClatchy reports that Democrats believe it will be “daunting” for House Democrats distance themselves from their eventual Presidential nominee as they debate “a radical health care overhaul and mandatory gun confiscation while striking an uncompromising tone toward President Donald Trump,” and that their leftward lurch “will harm the party’s chances as they seek to maintain their House majority and take control of the Senate.”


And they’re right. As the Democrats become increasingly defined by calls to decriminalize border crossings, gun confiscation, reparations, impeaching Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, blowing $93 trillion on a Green New Deal, giving free health care to illegal immigrants and, heck even banning straws and chocolate milk… there’s no question they’re going to have a difficult time connecting with middle-of-the-road voters they need to keep the majority.


“Voters at home are watching in horror as the Democratic Party has gone completely off the rails,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “The Democrats are showing voters first-hand that socialism is who they are at their core, and that image is going to be quite the burden for them as they fight to keep their fragile majority next fall.”