Dem Polling: Bernie tanks House Majority

Democratic polling out this morning confirms their new party leader, Bernie Sanders, and their party’s embrace of socialism is totally extinguishing any hopes they have of holding on to their House Majority.

The poll looks at 42 competitive House Districts held by Democrats and finds that that “Sanders is less popular than Trump and loses significant support when hit for holding socialist positions.” Voters are far less likely (39-21) to vote for House Democrats if Sanders’ ideas like abolishing all private health insurance are folded into the party platform.

Read the poll here.

“Democrats are finally waking up to the reality that their years-long march toward socialism will have serious consequences with voters back home,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Democrats want to blame Bernie Sanders, while pretending as if more than half their caucus doesn’t support his socialist plan to abolish private health care and that they haven’t flocked in droves to defend his out-of-touch ideas. The Democratic Party is now the Socialist Party and it’s why voters will resoundingly reject them in November.”