Delgado Hopes to Erase Anti-Cop Record

During a Facebook Live, Antonio Delgado says we have to “make sure that we are supporting law enforcement,” adding that “stripping them of funding will impact communities negatively.”


But words < action. Delgado recently accepted a $5000 check from a group with a “litmus test” that requires all candidates seeking their endorsement to promise that they will “reduce the annual budget for law enforcement.”

He also voted *for* Nancy Pelosi’s anti-cop bill, voted *against* condemning calls to defund the police, and supports New York’s dangerous bail law.

“Antonio Delgado can run but he can’t hide from his anti-cop record,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Delgado is clearly panicked New Yorkers will discover that his actual actions against law enforcement do not match his phony grandstanding and have sent crime through the roof.”