Delgado defends sanctuary cities

Bernie Sanders isn’t the Democratic Nominee just yet, but already Antonio Delgado is doing his best Bernie impression on the campaign trail.


In an interview with The Daily Freeman this weekend, Delgado fervently defended dangerous sanctuary cities and bashed President Trump for deploying ICE to cities where local officials shield illegal immigrants, saying that Trump has created “a dark energy” around the issue. (Whatever that means… maybe Marianne Williamson knows?)


In a world when Democrats are utterly panicked that Bernie is going to cost them their majority, Delgado seems more concerned with tossing it in with Bernie’s Abolish ICE crowd than standing up for the rule of law.


“Antonio Delgado’s radical position on sanctuary cities makes it clear just how out-of-step he is with his constituents,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Rather than standing up for the rule of law, Delgado would prefer to pander to the Bernie Sanders socialists who want to abolish ICE.”