Davids’ single-payer flip flop is going v poorly

Sharice Davids’s flip flop on her support for socialized government health care is going about as poorly as you’d expect.

On the campaign trail, Davids campaigned as a Medicare for All supporter, telling far-left activists “yes, I would” cosponsor a single payer healthcare bill and calling Medicare for All the “ultimate goal.”

But now Davids is in office, apparently the thought of kicking 1,734,800 Kansans off of their private health insurance doesn’t sound so great. And her socialist base is FURIOUS.

Just see what her supporters told the Kansas City Star after Davids began equivocating on socialist health care:

  • “Frustrated and disappointed.
  • “My representative clearly isn’t getting our message that this issue is important to us. I would not be able to support Sharice in 2020 if she has not yet come out strongly in favor of… Medicare-for-all. I would welcome a primary opponent much further to her left.
  • “I voted for her to do the right thing… What she’s doing right now, that’s not leadership.”

Sharice Davids is showing just what a pickle Democrats are in when it comes to their heartless plan to rip private insurance away from millions of Americans. Do they stand up for reason and risk losing their most progressive base? Or do they march forward, knowing they’ll lose the moderates they’ll need in 2020?

Either way, they lose.

Davids feels heat from the left as activists push her to support Medicare-for-all
Kansas City Star
Jason Hancock and Bryan Lowry
May 5, 2019

Judy Snyder, a Merriam mental health therapist, didn’t support Sharice Davids during last year’s Democratic primary.

She thought the first-time Congressional candidate was hedging on her support for Medicare-for all, the sweeping proposal to create a single, government-run health plan for all Americans.

But once she was the party’s nominee in Kansas’ 3rd District, Snyder jumped on board, knocking on more than 300 doors urging voters to elect Davids and other Democrats. On nearly every doorstep, she said, health care was among the chief concerns.

She was ecstatic that Davids, D-Kansas, unseated four-term incumbent Republican Kevin Yoder, and confident she could be convinced to get behind Medicare-for-all.

Now, with Davids officially on record opposing the plan, excitement has become frustration.

“Frustrated and disappointed,” she said.

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