Dan ‘McChina’ called out on Snapchat for sending jobs to China

At his campaign meet-and-greet Saturday morning, Dan McCready was caught on camera in a custom Snapchat filter spotlighting his record of sending jobs to China. The Congressional Leadership Fund released the custom Snapchat geofilter ahead of McCready’s “Coffee with the Candidate” in Fayetteville, North Carolina, reminding voters that McCready’s companies relied heavily on outsourcing solar panel production to China. The filter was available to attendees throughout his event.

See a snap from the event here.

“Rather than fighting for North Carolina manufacturing, Dan ‘McChina’ profited handily as his companies sent jobs to China,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Dan McCready is a hypocrite who put his own bottom line ahead of creating good North Carolina jobs.”

The new Snapchat filter was released as reports indicate that Dan McCready’s solar companies outsourced most of their solar panel production to China and put America’s national security at risk by entering an exclusive contract with a foreign manufacturer for parts that 11 U.S. Senators say pose grave threats to the American power grid. Read more.