Crooked Cartwright gaslights Pennsylvanians

Crooked Matt Cartwright is at it again, gaslighting his constituents to distract from his record of corruption in Washington.

Moments ago, Congressman Cartwright sent out a press release from his official government office, bragging that a far-left activist group gave him an “A” for his work “cleaning up corruption in Washington.” Oddly, Crooked Cartwright left out the part where he was just named one of the “worst ethics violators of 2019” by a nonpartisan watchdog for abusing his office to push legislation that would directly benefit his family law firm.

Cartwright also seems to have forgotten to include that…

  • Independent watchdogs have filed multiple ethics complaints against Congressman Cartwright for “violations of House ethics rules” in an effort to pad his own pockets
  • Cartwright admitted to hiding income from his wife’s law firm on his legally required financial disclosure forms
  • Roll Call reported the Office of Congressional Ethics seems poised to move forward with a formal investigation over the complaints
  • Cartwright has gone to embarrassing lengths to avoid questions on the topic, including running into the street, if necessary

“Crooked Matt Cartwright is desperate to paper over his record of corruption and the multiple ethics complaints that continue to dog his campaign,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Crooked Cartwright embodies everything that Pennsylvanians hate about D.C., and it’s why voters need to show him the door in November.”