Crooked Cartwright: Defund the Police? “Absolutely Yes!”

Crooked Cartwright is giddy with excitement about the prospect of defunding the police.

Asked during a tele-listening session with constituents yesterday if “we should quit wasting money” on PA police forces and instead move their funding to schools, Congressman Cartwright responded, “absolutely yes!”

Taking it even further, Crooked Cartwright went so far as saying he would block new funding for the police using his committee assignment on the House Appropriations Committee.

Reality check: 64% of voters oppose defunding the police.


Defunding the police went from the extreme fringes of the left to Matt Cartwright’s lips in less than a week,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Matt Cartwright’s support for defunding the police risks both the lives and safety of hardworking people in Pennsylvania and proved once again that he’s just too far-left for his constituents.”