Collin Peterson bashes Trump (again)

Collin Peterson found time to peek out from the new retirement home he just bought to go on another tirade bashing Trump over his efforts to crack down on China’s abusive trade practices.

Peterson gave a doom-and-gloom interview to the West Central Tribune, warning that Trump will cause “foreclosures and bankruptcies,” “put thousands of farmers out of business across the Midwest” and called Trump’s policies an “economic horror show.”

We know Collin Peterson has been drinking the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez kool-aid (after all, they have identical voting records in Congress) but maybe someone should tell Peterson to calm down a bit before he calls the press, because for a Democrat in a district Trump won by 30, he’s definitely letting his never-Trump resistance flag fly a little to proudly.

CLF COMMENT: “Collin Peterson is a never-Trump resistance Democrat who will stop at nothing to block President Trump from Making America Great Again.” – CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore