CLF Welcomes Multimillionaire Scott Wallace To PA-01 Race

Congratulations to multimillionaire Scott Wallace on winning the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District!

Yes, the same Scott Wallace who has lived in South Africa for the majority of the past decade, enjoying exclusive country clubs with his elite friends.

But while Wallace was enjoying his lavish lifestyle in South Africa, as National Journal reports, “he was slapped with a $68,844 lien by Montgomery County for not paying taxes on his Maryland residence.”

But that’s not all!

According to the state of Pennsylvania, there is no record of Wallace voting in Pennsylvania until last night – he only recently registered to vote in Bucks County in December 2017. Just weeks before announcing his run for Congress…

“Scott Wallace is a multimillionaire Democrat who has lived in South Africa for the past decade and is trying to buy a Congressional seat in Pennsylvania. CLF looks forward to exposing Wallace for who he truly is – a rubber stamp for Pelosi’s extreme liberal agenda.” – Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman.