CLF Welcomes Liberal Lizzie Pannill Fletcher To TX-07 Race

Tonight, liberal Lizzie Pannill Fletcher won the runoff for the Democratic primary for Texas’ 7th Congressional District.

However, Pannill Fletcher’s victory was made more complicated thanks the DCCC meddling in the Democratic primary, which ultimately caused messy infighting within the Democratic party over the last several weeks.

While the DCCC may have gotten their preferred candidate, Texans will not be pleased when they learn Pannill Fletcher would be another stamp of approval for Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda of reversing a $2,791 tax cut for TX-07 families…

“CLF looks forward to seeing Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, the DCCC’s preferred candidate, campaign on reversing a $2,791 tax cut for hardworking middle-class families in Texas’ 7th district. CLF will be doing our part in ensuring voters know how Pannill Fletcher would put Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda over Texans.” – Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman.