CLF Welcomes Elaine Luria to VA-02 Race

Congratulations to Elaine Luria on becoming the Democratic nominee for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District!

Now that Elaine, the DCCC’s preferred candidate, has become the official Democratic nominee it will be interesting to watch her attempt to defend claims against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act…

You know, the new tax law that will help provide a $2,600 tax cut for a typical family in VA-02.

The same legislation that has allowed several businesses, such as Altria Group Inc. and Walmart, to invest more in their employees and local Virginia communities.

I have to imagine Elaine’s stump speeches on tax reform won’t go so well with her current rhetoric…

“Elaine Luria is already copying Nancy Pelosi’s rhetoric in opposing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This sets up a clear contrast for the fall: Scott Taylor voted to provide a $2,600 tax cut for Virginia families, while Elaine wants to take your middle-class tax cut away.” – Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman