CLF Welcomes Abby Finkenauer To IA-01 Race

Congratulations to ultra-liberal Abby Finkenauer on becoming the Democratic nominee for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District!

However, it’s important to point out that so far in her campaign, Finkenauer has spent her time dismissing a tax cut for working families and declared Medicare For All as the only option…

Here are some important facts about Finkenauer:

  • She claimed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was “clearly about corporations” and not for working families
    • WHOOPS: In January 2018, it was announced that Iowans could see up to a $147 million reduction in heating and cooling bills as a result of federal tax reform.
  • She said Medicare For All would work best and was the “only thing” that made sense.

I have a feeling this messaging won’t work in IA-01…

“So far, Abby Finkenauer has criticized Iowans’ tax cuts and declared Medicare For All as the only option. This extreme agenda is far too liberal for Iowa’s 1st district and CLF will continue to highlight her progressive political views to voters through Election Day.” – Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman.

CLF opened a field office in support of Rep. Rod Blum in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District as part of its hyper-targeted, data-driven national field program. Every field office has a unique, full-fledged campaign, discussing district-specific issues. Offices are supported by a full-time staffer and hundreds of interns and volunteers who engage with voters on a daily basis through hyper-targeted phone banking and door-to-door canvassing. View a complete list of CLF’s field offices here.