CISNEROS: do as I say, not as I do

Remember when Gil Cisneros promised he’d refuse to take PAC money?

Apparently neither does he!

Gil’s fresh Q2 fundraising report shows he’s taken in nearly $257,000 from PACs this election cycle (more than a quarter million dollars!) and $151,309 from PACs in just the last three months alone. Note: Gil didn’t say he’d refuse just corporate PAC money, he said he’d refuse the whole shebang. Just look at his tweet.

Guess with Gil Cisneros it’s “do as I say, not as I do.”

“Gil Cisneros is exactly the kind of slimy, dishonest politician Californians are so tired of,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Gil promised voters he’d refuse PAC money, then got to Washington and did the exact opposite. Voters won’t forget such a blatant betrayal of their trust.”