Christy Smith suggests ❌ teachers (again!)

Sacramento politician Christy Smith just can’t stop herself from cutting funding for teachers.

During a livestream with the Valley Industry Association’s State of The State, Smith suggested that schools would be top of the list for funding cuts from the state legislature – where she currently serves on the Assembly’s Education Committee.

Smith went on to call the situation “stressful,” but probably only because she knows slashing teacher’s pay during her time at the Newhall School District cost her a seat in Congress once already.

“Whether Christy Smith is serving on the board of the Newhall School District or California’s Education Committee, anytime Christy Smith gets a little bit of power, her first instinct is to cut funding for California educators,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “If Christy Smith won’t put teachers and our children first, then she clearly has no business getting a promotion to Congress.”