Cat got your tongue, Brindisi?

Recently, the Utica Observer-Dispatch/Associated Press reported on Alain Kaloyeros’ corruption trial and how it relates to Nano Utica.

However, the most interesting thing from this article was Anthony Brindisi, Democratic candidate for Congress in NY-22, refusing to comment on the story.

That’s surprising considering Brindisi has been such a strong advocate of the failed project for several years:

October 2013:

“The Nano Utica project will give the Mohawk Valley a much needed economic boost with the creation of over 1,000 jobs and $1.5 billion in investment from six leading global technology companies.” – Anthony Brindisi

January 2014:

“As we head into 2014, our region is positioned for economic growth. Nano Utica will put the Mohawk Valley on the high-tech map, bringing a $1.5 billion investment to SUNYIT and more than 1,500 jobs in the tech industry to the area.” – Anthony Brindisi

April 2014:

“Brindisi noted the budget provides “critical funding for key local projects,” including Nano Utica…”

December 2014:

“In the Utica area… a gleaming nanotechnology center with a state-of-the-art clean room.” – Anthony Brindisi

August 2015:

“I am thrilled to welcome the next phase of the Nano Utica initiative. This is another massive step forward for our community – one that builds on the progress that we have already seen and brings more than a thousand additional jobs to the region. Governor Cuomo has zeroed in on the needs of communities like Utica for going on five years now – and this is another tremendous example of what we can accomplish with his support and our collective potential.” – Anthony Brindisi

April 2016:

“Many have called the Marcy nanocenter site the best of its kind in New York State and it was the vision and continuing strong interest of many state and local officials – especially Gov. Cuomo – that is making this long dreamed about project a reality.” – Anthony Brindisi

April 2016:

“…This historic investment in Utica is a reminder that state government is moving forward like never before to grow the economy and create jobs. It is a proud and humbling moment for me to play a role in making my hometown and district economically viable. Thank you to Governor Cuomo, SUNY Poly, ams AG, and everyone else who helped make this possible.” – Anthony Brindisi

In October 2016, Kaloyeros resigns as president of the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute, and Brindisi begins to separate himself from the project…

“It’s no wonder Anthony Brindisi refused to comment about Nano Utica at Marcy. After promising job and economic growth for years, all that exists at Nano Marcy is a patch of land and a corruption trial. How can New York families trust Brindisi to represent their interests in Congress, when he can’t even do that in the Assembly?” – Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman