Cartwright: I’m not corrupt ‘cause my wife is a “great lawyer”

Crooked Matt Cartwright’s corruption scandal is spiraling out of control. But instead of owning up to his devious scheme, Cartwright is cooking up some pretty wild excuses. His latest?

I’m not corrupt, because my wife is a great lawyer! 😱

Cartwright was caught dead to rights for trying to enrich his family by passing legislation that would benefit his family’s law firm. When asked about the scandal on local TV, Cartwright’s only defense was:

“[My wife] is one of the best courtroom lawyers in North Eastern Pennsylvania. She doesn’t need me to help her make a living.”  

Lol what? Meanwhile, ethics watchdogs are slamming Cartwright’s “clumsy” attempts to use his office for personal gain and demanding he recuse himself.

Watch Crooked Cartwright’s disaster of a defense here. 

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“The only thing worse than Crooked Cartwright abusing his power in a corrupt scheme to grease the wheels for his family business, is refusing to own up to it after he got caught,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “If we’re going to drain the swamp of Washington corruption, then Pennsylvania should start by ridding itself of Matt Cartwright.”